Inspired by my life along the Californian coast as well as all those I have been fortunate enough to travel to , my work aims to embody all that the ocean is. Through both literal and abstract interpretation, I have created pieces reminiscent of the beautiful and life sustaining aspect of the sea. At the same time, some of my pieces reflect the danger of the ocean: the inevitable destruction that often comes with trying too hard to tame something so innately wild. Color-wise, it comes as no surprise that I gravitate towards the cooler end of the color spectrum: rich ceruleans, seaweed greens, dark cobalts, soft teals. My affinity for texture is also clearly evident throughout my work, most notably in my consistent use of an inverted scale texture to finish a piece. All the photographs on this website are my own from various adventures along my beloved coasts. I hope that you enjoy my work, thank you for taking the time to visit my website :)

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